Male Models

All models are willing to travel within the UK and overseas, no matter their location. If you wish to filter our models, you can do so by typing in a UK location, plus by typing in any of the tags listed below into our model search function:

(1) Model Characteristics: Hair, Eye Colour, XL to 3XL, Mature Male, Visible Tattoos, Facial Piercings

(2) Model Measurements: Height, Shoe Size, Suit Size, Collar, Chest, Waist, and Inside Leg.

(3) Model Specialities: Underwear, Swimwear, Fashion and Editorial, Commercial and Lifestyle, Fitting, Hand, Shoe, Catwalk, Groom, Fitness and Sports, Actor, Presenter, Voiceovers, TV Work, Hospitality and Promotions, Visible Difference, Visible Disability, Non-Visible Disability, Visible Condition or Impairment, Non-Visible Condition or Impairment.

More tags will be introduced as we continue to increase our diversity.

If you, the client, have a select criterion to adhere too when selecting models. Please get in touch by calling the Stanleys Team on 07850 202274 or emailing We have an internal database to filter and shortlist all our models to meet your requirements.

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